Step 3: Rebuild

To fully recharge your energy, it's crucial to train your brain and body to work even better than they have in the past. You're not just restoring balance here; you're creating the best possible operating system by building up energy reserves and strengthening resilience. To do this, you create strategic training stress that requires you to push a little outside of your comfort zone, using both physical and cognitive exercises designed to optimize your performance. Keep in mind that as you start to build up your energy reserves, it becomes even more critical to continue to invest strategically in relax and repair techniques during the day. If you stretch out of your comfort zone to train without having the necessary energy resources, you may find yourself starting to break down again. You might even become dependent on stress hormones and overstimulation to keep you going, as you have in the past.

To optimize your training and get the most return on your investment, you need to continue to build in reliable recharge breaks throughout the day, regardless of whether you feel like you need them. I can promise that you do.

Strengthen the Mind: Cognitive Training

When we think of the word fitness, we usually think of physical fitness, or our body's ability to do work. The elements of physical fitness include three primary areas: strength, flexibility, and endurance. To be fit, you need to develop and maintain all three through strategic training. The brain is another ...

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