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Has success eluded you, no matter how hard you try?

Are you frustrated by trying to achieve your dreams by copying others? Internationally-acclaimed speaker and founder of the cutting-edge venture capital Amyx Ventures, Scott Amyx reveals how you can attain real success in your life, your way. His theory of Strive is a challenge to the conventional wisdom that has held so many people back from achieving their goals and enjoying lasting happiness.  Scott rose from obscure poverty to globe-trotting success, and he invites you to share in his journey by adopting a new mindset towards your personal challenges: embrace them.  Scott shows you how through stories of the most unlikely individuals who embraced difficult personal change to become outrageously successful. He helps you take stock of your own habits and practices to identify how your routine and misconceptions are holding you back. Fascinating insights from throughout history up through today’s cutting-edge research show how embracing discomfort fuels lasting success.

Shape your life in new, exciting ways. You can have control over your career, your outlook, your actions, and your priorities. This book helps you get a fresh start to begin building the successful life you want.

  • Discover what really drives success---and how conventional wisdom is wrong
  • Clearly identify your own personal challenges---and how to overcome them
  • Delve into the latest research on high performance to create a better you
  • Learn how high-achievers approach challenge, change, and success

Strive is an unconventional approach to attaining your dreams because it takes what makes you unique and turns it to your advantage. Have you been duped by common myths of success? Are you disappointed by the constant struggle in life?  Scott reveals how only you have the power to change your trajectory. Strive is your handbook for getting comfortable with discomfort, embracing and enjoying new challenges, and achieving real, lasting success.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Introduction
    1. Winning at Life
  4. 1 Strive
    1. Popular Beliefs About Success Are Profoundly Wrong
    2. Strive for Real, Lasting Success
  5. 2 Are You Passionate Enough?
    1. Passion Plays
    2. Passion and Success: What Is the Connection?
    3. Passion Without Innate Abilities
    4. Passion Without Knowledge and Experience
    5. Passion Without Economic Gain
    6. Artistic Success: Get the Picture?
    7. Famous by 30 or Bust!
    8. Invest Your Money for Art School—Get an MBA
  6. 3 Practice and Opportunity
    1. The Practice of Practice
    2. Youth Sports: Gateway to Success?
    3. Unequal Success Among the Equally Qualified
    4. Unequal Opportunity Versus You
    5. Brazil: Rising Above Race and Class
    6. Rising Above
  7. 4 Are You Special?
    1. The Idea That Only Exceptional People Become Successful Is Wrong
    2. Flight: Doing It “Wright”
    3. Power, Money, and Failure
    4. The Power of Being Nobody Special
    5. You Can Achieve Greatness, Regardless of Who You Are
  8. 5 The Secret Things
    1. The Idea That Successful People Have Hidden Advantages Is a Lie
    2. Lucky in Life?
    3. That Sinking Feeling
    4. Lucky Lottery Winners?
    5. The Impact of External Circumstances
    6. Many Advantages, No Success
    7. Ursula Burns, Risk Taker
    8. The Real Hidden Advantage
  9. 6 Disrupt Yourself
    1. Use Self‐Disruption to Attain Success
    2. Disrupting the Body: Building Muscle
    3. Disrupting the Individual
    4. Shooting for the Stars
    5. The Power of O
    6. Reinventing Your Business
    7. Disrupting Your Nation
    8. Starting Successfully
  10. 7 Abandoning Your Comfort Zone
    1. Risk It
    2. Comfort Zone Versus Twilight Zone
    3. Risk‐Taking Impacts the World
    4. Journey to America: In Search of Religious Freedom
    5. Risky Business
    6. Amazon
    7. Personal Risk, Incredible Growth
    8. Into the Light
  11. 8 When the Going Gets Tough
    1. Pairing Risk with Perseverance Is Necessary for Your Ultimate Success
    2. Staying the Path, Eyes Ahead
    3. Insights Help You Reassess Your Goals
    4. The Blind Man Riding on the Back of a Blind Tiger
    5. A Cinderella Story
    6. Insights Help You Persevere
    7. Taking the Long View and the Long Road
    8. Coming from Nowhere, Going Somewhere
    9. Fail Again and Again
    10. Into the Heart of Darkness
    11. Passion Play
  12. 9 Verify and Magnify Your Success
    1. Periodically Check to See If You Are Meeting Goals and Stretching Yourself to Achieve Success
    2. Verify
    3. Personal Growth
    4. Quantification of Outcomes
    5. Are You Coasting?
    6. Magnify Your Success
    7. The Magnifier
    8. The Platform Effect
    9. Network Effects
    10. Now What?
  13. 10 Enhance Yourself
    1. Success Without Self‐Care Is Failure
    2. Hacking the Body—By Any Means?
    3. Biohacking
    4. Future You
    5. Busy = Better?
    6. Good Health—Do You Measure Up?
    7. Boost Your Brainpower
    8. Stress, Rest, and Your Brain
    9. Meditation Can Rewire Your Brain—For Good
    10. Some Final Words
  14. Epilogue
    1. Your Personal Journey to Success Will Be Entirely Unique
    2. Should Success Be Measured Only by Money, Status, and Power?
    3. The Ethics of Strive
    4. Striving, for Life
    5. Striving Together
  15. Index
  16. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Strive
  • Author(s): Scott Amyx
  • Release date: April 2018
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119387305