An extension of the point-stress criterion based on a coupled stress and energy fulfilment

Application to the prediction of the open-hole tensile strength of a composite plate

E. Martin1, D. Leguillon2,  and N. Carrère3     1LCTS, CNRS UMR 5801, Univ. Bordeaux, Pessac, France     2IJLRA, CNRS UMR 7190, Univ. P. et M. Curie, Paris, France     3LBMS, ENSTA Bretagne, Univ. Brest, Brest, France


The strength of an open-holed composite plate subjected to tensile loading is analysed with the help of a coupled strength-and-energy criterion. Analytical and numerical models are used to determine the stress distribution from and energy released by crack nucleation in the vicinity of the hole. It is shown that the hole size effect can be described, ...

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