1.1 Add two vectors in C, with implied serial ordering

1.2 Overlapping (aliased) arguments in C

1.3 Add two vectors using Cilk Plus array notation

1.4 An ordered sum creates a dependence in C

1.5 A parallel sum, expressed as a reduction operation in Cilk Plus

1.6 Function calls with step-by-step ordering specified in C

1.7 Function calls with no required ordering in Cilk Plus

1.8 Serial vector addition coded as a loop in C

1.9 Parallel vector addition using Cilk Plus

1.10 Parallel vector addition using ArBB

1.11 Scalar function for addition in C

1.12 Vectorized function for addition in Cilk Plus

1.13 Serial Fibonacci computation in C

1.14 Parallel Cilk Plus variant of Listing 1.13

1.15 Vector computation in ArBB

1.16 Elemental function ...

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