Chapter 11. Student Studio Lighting Experiments

Student Studio Lighting Experiments

Over the years, I've had the honor of giving seminars at the Hallmark Institute of Photography ( in Turner Falls, Massachusetts. The highlight for me is seeing the work of the students. Throughout this chapter, you'll get a glimpse of the creative artistry of just a few of the students in the class of 2009.

Student Studio Lighting Experiments

Shannon Bradley

To light this model, I used two softboxes and positioned them about a foot away from the subject—one on each side. I did this to create highlights that outline his arms and define his muscles.

The model stood very close to the softboxes. This created a short fall off of light that infused shadow on his body. To feather the light, I turned the face of the softboxes toward the camera slightly.

To fill in some detail on the model's face and to add catch light to his eyes, I added a beauty dish in front of the model. I love the symmetry in this image and was careful in placing lights to achieve it.

My vision for this photograph was to create a sense of power for the model and generate intensity in his eyes to connect him with the viewer.

Shannon Bradley

Amy Dieker

I love to photograph movement.

When making this shot, I wanted to ...

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