Chapter 13. World is my Studio

World is my Studio

Vered is the studio pro on this team; I'm the location guy ... although I thoroughly enjoyed working and playing in the studio during the course of making this book.

In this chapter, I share a few of my favorite travel portraits. Some were taken in civilized places like Venice, Italy; others were taken far away from civilization, such as the Brazilian rain forest.

I hope you'll find the inspiration and techniques to take your work outside the traditional studio environment, too, in order to find new ways to express your creativity through pictures.

World is my Studio

Love, Respect and Seeing

I believe that three things are necessary to capturing a nice portrait—whether in the studio or on location.

One, you have to fall in love ... photographically ... with your subject. You have to say to yourself, "I must have this person's photograph, and I'll do everything possible to get it."

Two, you must respect the subject; if you don't, (s)he'll feel it in a second. And it'll show.

Three, keep the following saying in mind: The camera looks both ways; in picturing the subject, you also picture a part of yourself. In other words, know that the mood, feel, energy and emotion that you project in the photo session will be captured in your subject's face and eyes.

I was thinking about these three ...

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