Rick's Acknowledgments

In Vered's acknowledgements that follow, she begins by saying, "It's not easy being an artist." I agree one hundred percent.

To this I add: It's not easy being an author. Once you put something in print, that's it—forever. Kinda scary for someone as sensitive as myself. I am my strongest critic, and I have been known to change my mind a time or two.

It's also not easy working with another person on a creative project ... simply because every artist and author has his or her own creative expression and way of doing business. For example, at the time I get up in the morning to work, Vered is just going to bed!

When I began this project with Vered, she was my co-host on several Wiley how-to photography DVDs. The first thing I said her was, "I hope we are still friends when this project is completed."

Well, not only are we still friends, but it turned out that Vered was the perfect partner for this book. She not only supplied wonderful images and information, but she was also extremely accommodating and flexible during the entire process. So my first "thank you" goes to Vered, who is sleeping while I write this at 5:30 am.

There are many others who helped me along the path to producing this book, which is my 34nd.

The guy who initially signed me up with Wiley is Barry Pruett. Barry has a quality that every author needs: faith that someone actually wants to hear what (s)he has to say! Thanks to Barry, I have four DVDs with Wiley and now three books.

For all of these Wiley ...

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