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Studio Television Production and Directing, 2nd Edition

Book Description

Master the fundamentals of studio production procedure and become an effective leader on set. Gain fluency in essential studio terms and technology and acquire the skills you need to make it in the industry. Elegant, accessible, and to the point, the second edition of Andrew H. Utterback’s Studio Television Production and Directing is your back-to-the-basics guide to studio-based lighting, set design, camera operations, floor direction, technical direction, audio capture, graphics, prompting, and assistant directing. Whether you are an established studio professional or a student looking to enter the field, this book provides you with the technical expertise you need to successfully coordinate live or taped studio television in the digital age.

This new edition has been updated to include:

    • A UK/Euro focused appendix, enhancing the book’s accessibility to students and professionals of television production around the world
    • An advanced discussion of the job of the Director and the Command Cue Language
    • Fresh discussion of tapeless protocols in the control room, Media Object Server newsroom control software (iNews), editing systems, switcher embedded image store, and DPM (DVE)
    • Brand new sections on UHDTV (4K), set design, lighting design, microphones, multiviewers, media asset management, clip-servers, and the use of 2D and 3D animation
    • Expanded coverage of clip types used in ENG and video journalism (VO, VO/SOT, and PKG)
    • An all new companion website (www.focalpress.com/cw/utterback) with pre-recorded lectures by the author, sample video clips, an expanded full color image archive, vocabulary flashcards, and more

Note: the companion website is still under development, but in the meantime the author's filmed lectures are all freely available on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRp_aSpO0y8cDqLjFGZ2s9A

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Studio Television Production and Directing
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Contents
  7. Acknowledgements: First Edition
  8. Acknowledgements: Second Edition
  9. Chapter 1 Overview of Equipment and Positions: The Studio and the Control Room
    1. Introduction
    2. The Television Production Environment
    3. The Studio I
    4. The Studio II
    5. The Studio III
    6. The Control Room
    7. The Production Crew I
    8. The Production Crew II
    9. Directing and Producing
    10. And the Rest . . .
  10. Chapter 2 Audio Control and Technical Directing
    1. Introduction
    2. Audio Control
    3. Audio Flow
    4. Signal Strength
    5. Signal Processing
    6. Audio and the Director
    7. Technical Director/Video Switcher
    8. The Preview Bus, the Program Bus and the Key Bus
    9. Flip-Flop Switching
    10. Additional Transitions
    11. A Key is a Video Layer
    12. Directing a Key
    13. Directing Audio/Directing the TD
  11. Chapter 3 Lighting and Sets
    1. Introduction
    2. Set Placement
    3. Risers, Flats, Desk
    4. The Weather Wall
    5. Light + Set + Graphics = Look
    6. Lighting
    7. The Lighting Grid
    8. Spot Lights
    9. Flood Lights
    10. Lighting Strategy
    11. Three-Point Lighting
    12. Flood Lighting
    13. Lighting a Chroma Key Wall
  12. Chapter 4 Studio Cameras, Microphones, and Floor Directing
    1. Introduction
    2. Studio Camera
    3. Unlock the Locks
    4. Parts and Pieces
    5. Intercom
    6. Camera Operations
    7. Camera Commands
    8. Camera Tips
    9. Floor Directing
    10. Microphones and Sound Check
    11. Floor Directing the Studio Staff
  13. Chapter 5 Newsroom Computer Systems, Prompter, Graphics, Playback
    1. Introduction
    2. Newsroom Computer Systems
    3. Prompter
    4. Graphics Overview
    5. Digital Video Effects (DVE)
    6. Keying
    7. The Job of Graphics I
    8. The Job of Graphics II
    9. Graphics and the Director
    10. Playback
    11. Live Shots, Microwave, and Satellite Remotes
    12. Microwave
    13. Satellite
    14. Directing a Live Remote
  14. Chapter 6 Rundowns, Scripts, Video Clip Information
    1. Introduction
    2. The Rundown
    3. Segment Number (RUN)
    4. Video Source (VID) I
    5. Video Source (VID) II
    6. Location (L)
    7. Audio (AUD)
    8. Slug (SLUG)
    9. Timing (SEG and TRT)
    10. Reading Is Fundamental
    11. Scripting
    12. Video Clip Information
    13. Font Sheet or Clip Sheet I
    14. Font Sheet or Clip Sheet II
    15. Font Sheet or Clip Sheet III
  15. Chapter 7 Assistant Directing and Directing
    1. Assistant Directing
    2. Timing Video Clips
    3. VO/SOT
    4. SOT/VO
    5. Directing
    6. Cameras vs. Playback Machines
    7. Marking a Script
    8. Practice
  16. Appendix
  17. Glossary
  18. Index