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Kit EasonStylish F#https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-4000-7_13

13. Layout and Naming

Kit Eason1 
Farnham, Surrey, UK

I think for a lot of amateurs, their alignment is always out.

—Karrie Webb, Professional Golfer

Where Are My Braces?

Newcomers to F# are often disorientated by how different everything seems. Indentation is semantically significant – most code isn’t enclosed in curly brackets. There’s an increased emphasis on functions “floating free” without being in classes. And there are strange-seeming practices such as currying and partial application. These factors combine to undermine the comfortable naming and layout habits we might rely on in, say C#. To make things worse, at the time of writing there is no widely adopted ...

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