List of abbreviations

A&R - Abandonment and recovery

AA - Anti agglomerate

AACE - Advancement of cost engineering

AAV - Annulus access valve

ACFM - Alternating current field measurement

AHC - Active heave compensation

AHV - Anchor handling vessel

AMV - Annulus master valve

APDU - Asphaltene precipitation detection unit

APV - Air pressure vessel

ASD - Allowable stress design

ASV - Annulus swab valve

AUV - Autonomous underwater vehicle

AWV - Annulus wing valve

B&C - Burial and coating

BM - Bending moment

BOPD - Barrels of oil per day

BR - Bend restrictor

C/WO - Completion and workover

CAPEX - Capital expenditures

CAPEX - Capital expenditures

CAT - Connector actuation tool

CCD - Charge-coupled device

CCO - Component change-out tool

CDTM - Control ...

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