Succeeding at Business in Southeast Asia

Book description

Succeeding at Business in Southeast Asia walks readers through the steps necessary to build and execute a market entry strategy into Southeast Asia, similar to what Eric Moraczewski did with his clients at FDI Strategies. Step by step, readers will learn about the top five pitfalls as well as common areas of concern and mistakes that can be avoided. These can be internal or external issues, country-specific or endemic to the region, but they all are issues Moraczewski solved regularly with clients and other businesses around the globe. Where possible, examples based on his own career experience are used to help reveal the bigger picture and affirm that everyone can, and often times will, make mistakes. Written with humanity and conversational clarity, Moraczewski’s book delves into critical topics such as relationship-building, power structures, and the role culture plays in economic value and ethical standards. He inspires would-be investors by tapping into universal human behaviors and shows how they can be leveraged to make the right business connections abroad.

 Additional topics include:

  • Joint ventures
  • Franchising strategy
  • Small businesses breaking into Asia
  • Lessons to bring back from foreign markets

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Introduction
  3. CHAPTER 1: The Importance of Relationships: How to Build and Maintain Them
    1. The Critical Importance of Face Time
    2. Understand the Power Structure
    3. Five Ways to Build Relationships in Southeast Asia
  4. CHAPTER 2: The Role Culture Plays in Determining Economic Value
    1. Negotiation: Price Is Not the Only Consideration
    2. Determining Economic Value
    3. Five Common Economic-Value Mistakes Companies Make in Southeast Asia
    4. Notes
  5. CHAPTER 3: The Role Culture Plays in Determining Values and Ethical Standards and Practices
    1. Caveat Emptor: Meet Before Getting Married
    2. Five Ethical and Values Issues Businesses Encounter in Southeast Asia
    3. Notes
  6. CHAPTER 4: Gauging Market Potential: How to Spot Trends and Avoid Costly Errors
    1. Sleuthing for Indicators of Market Potential
    2. Five Common Mistakes Companies Make When Researching Market Potential
    3. Notes
  7. CHAPTER 5: Understanding the Power Structure: Who’s Really in Charge?
    1. Chinese State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs)
    2. Japan’s Keidanren
    3. India’s Benami
    4. Five Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Confronted with the Power Structure of a Southeast Asian Country
    5. Notes
  8. CHAPTER 6: Building Your Strategy: How to Determine Where You Want to Go
    1. Five Issues Many Companies Face When Developing a Strategy for Asia
  9. CHAPTER 7: Designing Your Plan: What to Consider and How to Evaluate Them
    1. Four Issues Businesses Encounter When Building a Plan
  10. CHAPTER 8: Executing Your Strategy and Plan: The Implementation Phase
    1. Managing Your Supply Chain
    2. Five Execution Errors Businesses Tend to Make
    3. People, People, People
    4. Notes
  11. CHAPTER 9: What to Consider When Making the Go/No Go Decision
  12. CHAPTER 10: Joint Ventures and Franchising: The Pros and Cons
    1. Five Common Mistakes and Myths in Joint Ventures and Franchises
  13. CHAPTER 11: An Asian Strategy for Small Businesses
    1. Five Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make When Entering Asia
  14. CHAPTER 12: Utilizing Resources: Where to Find the Information and Connections You’ll Need
    1. City Governments
    2. State Governments
    3. Federal Government
    4. Accounting Firms
    5. Law Firms
    6. World Trade Center
    7. Foreign Trade Consultants
    8. International PEO
    9. International Trade Councils
    10. Five Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Dealing with Trade Organizations
    11. Notes
  15. CHAPTER 13: What You Should Take Home
    1. Five Things that Make You a Better Employee after Working in Asia
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Product information

  • Title: Succeeding at Business in Southeast Asia
  • Author(s): Eric Moraczewski
  • Release date: July 2020
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9780996729369