Succeeding with Senior Management

Book description

Senior managers speak the language of strategy. Project managers use the language of tasks and activities. While they rely on each other to achieve their goals, this core incompatibility can lead to communication breakdowns and project setbacks.

Succeeding with Senior Management explains how to bridge the gap and engage the upper ranks. By establishing relationships early on, understanding executives, and keeping them involved, project managers win the support they need—especially critical when problems arise. This one-of-a-kind communications guide explains how to:

  • Navigate the company?s political waters
  • Link the project to the business
  • Develop a case for change with an executive sponsor
  • Use the right listening style
  • Provide options and recommendations for major decisions
  • Involve the sponsor in resolving cross-functional problems
  • And more

Many executives will set a project in motion and then move on. Learn how to keep them involved, motivated to push obstacles aside, and focused on a successful conclusion. Your career prospects depend on it.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half title
  3. Title
  4. Dedication
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Contents
  7. Chapter 1: Understanding the Facts of Life for Executives
  8. Chapter 2: Preparing the Leadership
  9. Chapter 3: Questions Every Project Manager Really Needs Answered
  10. Chapter 4: Establishing the Relationship and Managing Up the Organization
  11. Chapter 5: Working with the Executive Sponsor to Understand the Project
  12. Chapter 6: Reviewing the Stakeholder Analysis with Your Sponsor
  13. Chapter 7: Listening Styles and How Using Them Effectively Helps You to Engage an Executive
  14. Chapter 8: Your Attitude and Its Role in Engaging an Executive
  15. Chapter 9: Preparing Sponsors for Their Role
  16. Chapter 10: Clearly Establishing the Communication Channels to Stakeholders
  17. Chapter 11: Creating Internal and External Communications with the Sponsor
  18. Chapter 12: Using Deputies of Executives Effectively
  19. Chapter 13: Executing Risk Mitigation Strategies and Executive Sponsor Support
  20. Chapter 14: Addressing Scope with the Sponsor
  21. Chapter 15: Providing Options and Recommendations for Key Decisions
  22. Chapter 16: Communicating Problems and Issues with the Sponsor
  23. Chapter 17: Communicating with Operations Using the Sponsor
  24. Chapter 18: Using the Sponsor to Gain Operations Support
  25. Chapter 19: Getting Help with Cross-Functional Issues
  26. Chapter 20: Navigating the Political Waters
  27. Chapter 21: Engaging Senior Managers When You Have a Multinational, Cross-Cultural Project
  28. Chapter 22: Handling Competition with Other Initiatives
  29. Notes
  30. Index
  31. Free Sample from Communications Skills for Project Managers
  32. About AMACOM
  33. Copyright

Product information

  • Title: Succeeding with Senior Management
  • Author(s): G. Michael Campbell
  • Release date: August 2017
  • Publisher(s): AMACOM
  • ISBN: 9780814438527