Chapter 1

Introverted? Good for You!

In This Chapter

arrow Spotting the differences between introverts and extroverts

arrow Valuing the talents and assets of innies

arrow Identifying the challenges of being an introvert in an extrovert’s world

arrow Knowing the five basics for succeeding as an introvert

Does the following sound like you? You’re happier reading a book than going to a dinner party. You love your friends, but you treasure your moments alone. And you’d rather eat nails than attend a corporate team-building event.

If any of these ring a bell, I’m guessing you’re an introvert. And what’s more, I’m guessing that your extroverted friends don’t understand you at all.

Oh, sure, these people love you. But they don’t get why noisy team meetings and brainstorming sessions wear you out. They can’t figure out why you prefer hiking or puttering in your kitchen to singing karaoke in a crowded bar. And above all, many of them think they can (and should) change you.

Well, here’s the truth: If you’re introverted, odds are you’re hard-wired that way. You can be wildly successful in a world that’s largely ...

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