Chapter 7

Becoming a Confident Public Speaker

In This Chapter

arrow Preparing yourself mentally

arrow Practicing to perfection

arrow Winning over your audience

arrow Keeping your energy high

Does the very thought of standing up in front of a crowd terrify you? If so, join the club! Millions of otherwise confident people feel their knees turn to jelly when they think about stepping in front of an audience. Even the extroverts I work with often fear public speaking, and it’s scarier still for introverts. (One innie friend told me, “I’ve given eight speeches in my entire life — and if I die with that total, I’ll be happy.”)

However, it may surprise you to discover that introverts often make the very best public speakers and seminar leaders. That’s because innies are typically very knowledgeable and passionate about their topics, and they know how to put together excellent presentations. What’s more, even the most introverted people can overcome their fear of giving speeches. With practice, many innies actually come to enjoy public speaking! (In fact, I’m one of them.)

Now, I understand that ...

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