Chapter 13

“Cheers!” Taking the Stress Out of Big Social Events

In This Chapter

arrow Identifying why you dread social events

arrow Coping when you’re a guest at a big event

arrow Staying sane when you’re the host

arrow Accepting or declining invitations

Debbie, an introverted friend of mine, still blushes with embarrassment when she talks about something that happened to her years ago. She was hurrying down a hallway at work, totally lost in her own thoughts, when a coworker — someone she considered to be an office buddy but not a close friend — rushed up to her, beaming with joy.

Out of the blue, the coworker said, “Guess what, I’m getting married! Do you want to be one of my bridesmaids?” And before Debbie could stop herself, she heard herself say, “No!” (Luckily, she immediately covered up her faux pas by pretending that she was joking, and her outie coworker never caught on. And, yes, she did wind up in the bridal party.)

Normally, introverts are better at hiding their dismay when they get an invitation to a big social event. But it’s true that for most innies, the festive ...

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