Chapter 15

Parenting an Introverted Child

In This Chapter

arrow Spotting introversion in a child

arrow Identifying issues that can masquerade as introversion

arrow Making a happy home, school, and social life for a young introvert

arrow Helping an introverted child or teenager thrive

arrow Dealing with Bullies

Are you raising an introverted child? If so, you have an exciting road ahead of you! Your wonderful child is likely to fascinate, frustrate, puzzle, impress, and delight you — sometimes all at the same time.

Introverted children are a joy to raise, but they can also test your parenting skills. In this chapter, I take a look at the fun and the challenges of being mom or dad to an introverted child or teen.

Of course, the first question to ask yourself is “Am I really raising an innie?” I help you answer that question by discussing what introversion looks like in a young person (and I also look at a few issues people sometimes mistake for introversion). Then I talk about how to make life as happy, healthy, ...

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