Chapter 16

Ten Notable Innies

In This Chapter

arrow Introducing famous innie scholars

arrow Recognizing noted innie actors and comics

arrow Acknowledging introverted presidents

Although innies gain energy from their inner world, that doesn’t stop them from making their mark on the outside world as well. In fact, you’ll find famous introverts in every walk of life. In this chapter, you meet ten well-known innies who’ve done everything from winning Oscars to walking on the moon.

Now, if you’re an extrovert, some of the people included in this chapter will surprise you, and I hope they do! People often equate introverted with quiet, shy, or overly analytical. But in reality, introverts come in a lot of different styles, shapes, and sizes, as you find out in the following pages.

Charles Darwin

This quiet scientist wasn’t at all frightened by the giant tortoises and other strange creatures he met on the Galápagos Islands. No, what scared the heck out of him were the meetings and social events he had to attend when he got back to England.

Like many introverts, Darwin hated the limelight but sparkled when it came to being a family man. One of his daughters wrote, “To all of us, he was the ...

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