Chapter 19

Ten Ways to Make a Workplace Innie-Friendly

In This Chapter

arrow Rearranging your space

arrow Rethinking your meetings

arrow Letting introverts work in their own way

arrow Cultivating an interview style that works for innies

If you run a department or an entire company, you want to get the most from your workers, and you want them to be happy, too. Chances are a large number of your employees are introverts who find it challenging to deal with herds of coworkers, constant chatter, and high noise levels. So doesn’t it make sense to design an office that meets their needs as well as those of extroverts? Yes, indeed — and in this chapter, I offer ten tips for doing just that.

Let Innies Migrate to the Edges of Your Office

For a privacy-loving introvert, being in the center of a cube farm feels a bit like being on display at the zoo. Innies have difficulty concentrating when they’re surrounded by other people, and the chaos may give them “brain fuzz,” headaches, or stomachaches.

So if your cube assignments are flexible, consider asking your workers — both innie and outie — how they feel about their ...

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