Chapter 8

Developing the Right Mental Attitude


Bullet Making the choice to be positive

Bullet Putting in the work to develop your self-esteem

Bullet Rewarding yourself when deserved

There is no doubt that positive thinking and a positive mental attitude can carry you a long way in life. The right attitude can speed up the process to success in your endeavors. Your attitude can make the obstacles and challenges you encounter more manageable and even turn them into blessings. Being able to turn the lemons of life into lemonade can only happen through a positive attitude.

But having a positive attitude isn't everything when it comes to achieving success. To transform your life, you need to apply a positive attitude to proper habits like working hard, controlling spending, increasing your knowledge and value, and focusing on relationship building. In my experience, more people lose their job due to a poor attitude than lack of skills, errors, or poor work ethic.

Our attitude affects many people around us. At work, it can affect your company and coworkers and influence your clients and customers to appreciate your service and want to do more business with you. Your family and key relationships ...

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