Chapter 12

Having a Successful Family


Bullet Establishing the habits of good parents

Bullet Building character in your children

Bullet Protecting your family from the dangers of the world

Bullet Keeping your parents in your life

Like most people, I learned how to build a successful family mostly through observation. We observe from a young age what our parents do, both right and wrong, to raise children, deal with in-laws, and honor their mother and father. Children are also keen observers of how our parents treat each other. Whatever the makeup of your family unit, you and your family can be successful. You can raise happy, healthy, productive, and joyful children who will grow up to be contributing members of society. Relationships, and especially family relationships, are challenging, so crafting a strategy to ensure your family’s success is important.

I personally am a proponent of the nuclear family. What I mean is two parents living in the same home. The modern-day family has evolved since the days of Leave It to Beaver. There are homes with two moms or two dads. Single-parent families ...

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