Chapter 20

Ten Personal Characteristics to Improve Success


Bullet Developing winning character traits

Bullet Improving your attitude and outlook

My mother always said I was “a character.” I'm sure she was not talking about desirable character traits, as I am in the chapter. Being more successful requires us to refine our character to a level few people achieve. You can be successful with fewer than these ten. My estimation is that having a high level of commitment, focus, and proficiency in seven or eight will enable you to achieve the vast majority of your life goals. I can unequivocally state that if you possess all ten at a high level, you will be, as the saying goes, healthy, wealthy, and wise … guaranteed!

I present the ten personal characteristics in random order. In the end, it's up to you to evaluate, secure, and maintain these traits, and that will lead to greater success in your life.


Successful people encounter problems and challenges. To think that is not the case because of their status, wealth, or lifestyle is to be naïve. In fact, as you become more successful, you're going to face bigger problems and take on larger responsibilities. The problems and responsibilities I experience today are far greater than when I was unsuccessful and broke. I have ...

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