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Successful Local Broadcast Sales

Book Description

For the right person, a career in media sales can be glamorous, rewarding, and lucrative. But without the right guidance, it can also be challenging. Author Paul Weyland has decades of experience working with local direct clients. Now, in Successful Local Broadcast Sales he shares his hard-won wisdom, showing television, radio, and cable salespeople how to get more sales. This invaluable resource gives readers the tools they need to: • get appointments • write great proposals and presentations • sell against other media like newspapers and the Internet • overcome rate resistance • close sales without alienating their clients • create genius creative without being a creative genius • calculate ROI for the client’s advertising dollar • land long-term contracts with local businesses • negotiate more effectively Honest, practical, and accessible, this is the one handbook that shows novice and veteran salespeople how to thrive—not just survive—in the media business.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Contents
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. Introduction
  6. Part I Selling Your Client on Why Your Station Is Logical to Buy, Regardless of Your Ratings or Program
    1. Chapter 1 Prospecting Local Direct: The Key to a Successful Broadcast Career
    2. Chapter 2 Using Media-Savvy Strategies to Get Appointments with Key Decision Makers
    3. Chapter 3 Making Broadcast Advertising User-Friendly
    4. Chapter 4 Explaining Broadcast Marketing to a Direct Client
    5. Chapter 5 Advertising Clutter: You Are the Solution
    6. Chapter 6 How We Really See and Hear Commercials
    7. Chapter 7 Branding—It’s Not Just for Cowboys
    8. Chapter 8 Your Station Is the Logical Solution
  7. Part II Writing Genius Creative Whether You’re a Creative Genius or Not
    1. Chapter 9 Recognizing Creative Problems
    2. Chapter 10 Creating a Centerpiece for Your Commerical
    3. Chapter 11 Making the Spot Emotional
    4. Chapter 12 Solving Consumer Problems Without Clichés
    5. Chapter 13 Telling Your Target Market What to Do
  8. Part III Demonstrating That Using Your Station Is Not a Gamble, but a Good, Calculated Risk
    1. Chapter 14 Calculating Return on Investment (ROI) and Managing Client Expectations
    2. Chapter 15 Explaining the Pure Logic of Buying Your Station
    3. Chapter 16 The Value of One New Customer
    4. Chapter 17 Selling Against Other Media
    5. Chapter 18 Why a Local Broadcast Client Should Own Your Station
  9. Part IV Broadcast Sales Mechanics: How to Make Your Job Easier
    1. Chapter 19 Creating Concise and Customized Marketing and Advertising Proposals
    2. Chapter 20 Break Through the Commercial Clutter: Power Presentations
    3. Chapter 21 How to Negotiate Without Turning into a Pitiful Puddle of Spineless Goo
    4. Chapter 22 Why Objections Are Our Friends and Logical Ways to Handle Them
    5. Chapter 23 How to Close Broadcast Sales Without Looking Like a Jerk
    6. Chapter 24 The Value of Super-Servicing Your Local Client
    7. Chapter 25 Collecting—How to Make Sure You Don’t Work for Free
    8. Chapter 26 How to Overcome Call Reluctance
    9. Chapter 27 Conclusion
  10. Index
  11. Copyright