Successful Project Management, Second Edition

Book description

Project management has emerged as the premier solution to today?s organizational challenges. Project managers deliver success by using a structured approach to project planning, sourcing, decision-making and control. Successful Project Management, Second Edition, is a comprehensive and up-to-date guide to virtually every aspect of managing your project?from initial planning to final review. Focusing on practical application, this course enables you to acquire the concepts and tools you need to plan, manage, and deliver project success. This edition delivers the knowledge, skills, and guidance managers need to lead today?s projects successfully and profitably.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About This Course
  3. How to Take This Course
  4. Pre-Test
  5. 1. Understanding Project Management
    1. What Is Project Management?
    2. The History of Project Management
    3. Project Management Today
    4. Functional Work vs. Project Work
    5. Why Project Management Is Necessary in Today’s World
    6. Organizing for Project Management Efficiency
    7. Adopting a Project Management Philosophy
    8. Organizational Structures
    9. Functioning Effectively
    10. Setting Up a Project Management System
    11. Recap
    12. Review Questions
  6. 2. Defining the Roles of the Project Manager and the Team
    1. The Role of the Project Manager
    2. Project Manager Skills
    3. The Makeup of a Project Manager
    4. Project Manager Relationships and Tools
    5. Responsibility, Accountability, and Authority
    6. Role of Team Members
    7. Defining the Roles of Clients, Customers, and Other Stakeholders
    8. Recap
    9. Review Questions
  7. 3. Defining the Project
    1. Defining the Problem or Opportunity
    2. Establishing Project Objectives
    3. Performing Project Reviews
    4. Creating a Work Breakdown Structure
    5. Recap
    6. Review Questions
  8. 4. Estimating the Activities
    1. The Importance of Estimating
    2. Steps in Estimating Activities
    3. Estimating Methods
    4. Precision of Estimates
    5. Work Environment and Skill Level
    6. Type of Contract
    7. Using Project Management Software
    8. Recap
    9. Review Questions
  9. 5. Planning the Activities
    1. Sequencing Activities
    2. Calculating the Critical Path
    3. Recap
    4. Review Questions
  10. 6. Preparing a Project Plan
    1. Preparing Schedules
    2. Preparing Resource Plans
    3. Preparing Budget Plans
    4. Managing Risk
    5. Getting Approvals and Compiling a Formal Project Plan
    6. Recap
    7. Review Questions
  11. 7. Controlling Time, Cost, and Scope
    1. Initiating the Project
    2. Setting Up a Monitoring and Control Process
    3. Controlling Project Objectives
    4. Controlling Changes in the Project
    5. Recap
    6. Review Questions
  12. 8. Evaluating and Reporting on Project Performance
    1. Conducting Project Evaluations
    2. Reporting on Project Objectives
    3. Closing the Project
    4. Recap
    5. Review Questions
  13. Post-Test
  14. A. Answers to Exercises and Case Studies
  15. B. Glossary
  16. C. Organizations and Web Sites
  17. D. Bibliography
  18. The Practice Case
  19. The Practice Case Solution
  20. The Examination Case

Product information

  • Title: Successful Project Management, Second Edition
  • Author(s): Larry Richman
  • Release date: December 2004
  • Publisher(s): AMA Self-Study
  • ISBN: None