Chapter 6

Efficiently Working from a Home Office

In This Chapter

  • Knowing yourself and what's around you
  • Selecting the right environment
  • Getting work done from home

Because of our technology and mobile society, home offices are more of the norm than ever. That trend has accelerated with more contract, consulting, and part-time work available today. According to Global Workplace Analytics, more than 6 million people use a home office at least part of their work week; I include myself in that group. For certain hours, either early in the morning or when the kids are not home, my home office is the most productive place for me to write, plan business strategies, and use my creativity to problem-solve complex issues.

The home office can lend itself to high productivity, or it can become a wasteland of inefficiency. The difference lies in the environment, design, equipment, interaction strategy, and implementation.

Knowing Yourself and Your Environment

When you know yourself, you can create a productive environment in which to work. What types of surroundings bring you joy and energy? What type of setting would entice you to spend time there? What do you need around you to help you stay focused?

Your environment influences your success. If you create a home office space in your dark, damp basement that has no windows and your office at work is light, bright, comfortable, with a view of the park from the window, your home office will be ineffective because your desire to work there ...

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