Chapter 22

Coaching Others to Manage Time Effectively

In This Chapter

  • Getting a handle on employees’ time use
  • Selling employees on good time management
  • Integrating effective time management into employees’ jobs
  • Dealing with floundering employees

If you have employees who report to you, being a good time manager isn't enough. For maximum benefit, your staff members also need to improve their time-management skills. Coaching your employees is part of your job, and improved time management makes everyone's job, including yours, much easier.

Walking each of your staff members through this book may be the best solution, but most managers (even you, with your new and improved time-management skills) probably can't devote a block of time to a mini-seminar for each of your employees on the whole book. However, you may want to walk your people through Chapters 4 and 5 and through the appropriate chapters in Part V — or simply provide this book as a reference. May I say I'd be pleased and proud to see a copy of Successful Time Management For Dummies on the desk of each person in your department?

But you can do more. This chapter offers a helping hand in getting your staff on board as to the value of time management and in helping them embrace strategies and techniques for lassoing that most important of resources: their time. In this chapter, I show you how to take a hard look at your employees’ current time-management practices and how to develop a growth plan that you all buy into. I ...

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