Successful User Experience: Strategies and Roadmaps

Book description

Successful User Experience: Strategy and Roadmaps provides you with a hands-on guide for pulling all of the User Experience (UX) pieces together to create a strategy that includes tactics, tools, and methodologies. Leveraging material honed in user experience courses and over 25 years in the field, the author explains the value of strategic models to refine goals against available data and resources. You will learn how to think about UX from a high level, design the UX while setting goals for a product or project, and how to turn that into concrete actionable steps. After reading this book, you’ll understand:

  • How to bring high-level planning into concrete actionable steps
  • How Design Thinking relates to creating a good UX
  • How to set UX Goals for a product or project
  • How to decide which tool or methodology to use at what point in product lifecycle

This book takes UX acceptance as a point of departure, and builds on it with actionable steps and case studies to develop a complete strategy, from the big picture of product design, development and commercialization, to how UX can help create stronger products. This is a must-have book for your complete UX library.

  • Uses strategic models that focus product design and development
  • Teaches how to decipher what tool or methodology is right for a given moment, project, or a specific team
  • Presents tactics on how to understand how to connect the dots between tools, data, and design
  • Provides actionable steps and case studies that help users develop a complete strategy, from the big picture of product design, development, and commercialization, to how UX can help create stronger products
  • Case studies in each chapter to aid learning

Table of contents

  1. Cover image
  2. Title page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Foreword
  7. Introduction
    1. Who is the book for?
    2. What is this book about?
    3. How to use this book
  8. About the Author
  9. Acknowledgments
  10. Case Studies
  11. Chapter 1: What is User Experience?
    1. Abstract
    2. Usable Technology Can Change the World
    3. Usability and User Experience
    4. UX is an Evolving Field
    5. UX History Through Growth of Professional Organizations
  12. Chapter 2: Design Thinking
    1. Abstract
    2. Design
    3. Design Thinking
    4. How Does Design Affect a Person?
    5. Creativity and Innovation
  13. Chapter 3: UX Thinking
    1. Abstract
    2. Applying Design Thinking to UX
    3. UX Design Thinking
    4. Methods to Kickstart UX Design Thinking
    5. Persona and Use Cases
    6. Information Architecture
    7. Putting it all Together
  14. Chapter 4: The Strategic Model
    1. Abstract
    2. The Strategic Model
    3. Technology Driven vs. Market Driven
    4. UX Strategy for the Long Haul
    5. Using Available Tools and Methodologies
  15. Chapter 5: Beyond Mobile, Device Agnostic UX
    1. Abstract
    2. Device Agnostic UX
    3. Successful UX for Mobile
    4. Where is this Going?
  16. Chapter 6: Usability Inspection Methods
    1. Abstract
    2. Usability Evaluations
    3. What Can Be Evaluated?
    4. Empirical Method
    5. Inspection Methods
    6. Expert Reviews
  17. Chapter 7: Usability Testing
    1. Abstract
    2. Usability Evaluations
    3. Empirical Methods
    4. How Many Users to Test
    5. A Case for Quant
    6. Usability Testing and UX Strategy
  18. Chapter 8: Iterating on the Design
    1. Abstract
    2. Iterating on the Design
    3. Agile
    4. Lean UX
  19. Chapter 9: Moving Past the Lab
    1. Abstract
    2. Field Studies/Contextual Inquiry
    3. Field Research
    4. Focus Groups
  20. Chapter 10: Global UX and Online Studies
    1. Abstract
    2. Global UX
    3. World Usability Day
    4. What is Common?
  21. Chapter 11: Surveys, Web Analytics, and Social Media
    1. Abstract
    2. Surveys
    3. Web Analytics and Social Media
    4. Social Media
  22. Chapter 12: Service Design
    1. Abstract
    2. Service Design
    3. Service Design and the Role of UX
    4. Serving the People
    5. Service Design That Impacts Our Lives: Voting Systems
    6. Successful Service Design
  23. Chapter 13: Getting Buy In
    1. Abstract
    2. Getting Buy In
    3. Solution to Resistance: Remember the Iterative Approach
    4. Takeaway for Getting Buy In
  24. Chapter 14: Success Stories
    1. Abstract
    2. How Do We Define Success
  25. Chapter 15: A Few Words About Failure: Turning It into Success
    1. Abstract
    2. Failure as Success
    3. A Few Words on Failure
  26. Chapter 16: Big Picture Takeaways
    1. Abstract
    2. Usability Test Checklist
    3. Expert Review Checklist
    4. Field Studies Review Checklist
    5. Moderator’s Guide
    6. Roadmaps
  27. Glossary
  28. Index

Product information

  • Title: Successful User Experience: Strategies and Roadmaps
  • Author(s): Elizabeth Rosenzweig
  • Release date: August 2015
  • Publisher(s): Morgan Kaufmann
  • ISBN: 9780128010617