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Quick hits

Berglas, Steven. “Don’t Sugarcoat Negative Feedback.” HBR.org, September 13, 2013. http://blogs.hbr.org/2013/09/dont-sugarcoat-negative-feedba/.

Managers can’t always count on praise. Sometimes, criticism is needed to effect positive change. This piece provides tips on how to share constructive feedback most effectively.

Goleman, Daniel. “When You Criticize Someone, You Make It Harder for That Person to Change.” HBR.org, December 19, 2013. http://blogs.hbr.org/2013/12/when-you-criticize-someone-you-make-it-harder-for-them-to-change/.

It’s important to focus on what needs to change, but positivity can go a long way. In this piece, Goleman argues that asking a feedback recipient about hopes, dreams, and possibilities can open ...

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