Chapter 7. Working with Opportunities

In This Chapter

  • Creating an Opportunities record

  • Keeping track of your opportunities

  • Working with Opportunities records in Sugar Professional

In this chapter, I lead you through the entire sales process with SugarCRM. I show you how to create an initial opportunity, make changes to it while a sale makes its way through the sales pipeline, and view your opportunities in a variety of ways. And, if you're using SugarCRM Professional, I show you some of the advanced Opportunities functionality.

Creating Opportunities

In SugarCRM, an opportunity is a potential sale to an Accounts record. Each opportunity must be associated with an Accounts record. All sales information for an Accounts record appears on the Opportunities subpanel of the Accounts record. When you create an opportunity, you associate it with a sales stage and forecasted close date so that you can see how close you are to closing the sale.

You can associate an opportunity with additional record types, typically Contacts and Leads records. You can associate an opportunity with only one account, but you can associate it with multiple leads and contacts. Opportunities records are often linked to Campaigns records so you can measure the success — or failure — of a campaign.

After creating an Opportunities record, you can go to the Opportunity List where you can see all your opportunities listed together. Additionally, you can view the opportunity from any record you've associated with the opportunity. ...

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