Chapter 9. Watching Your Sugar Content

In This Chapter

  • Customizing the Home page

  • Dashing through the dashboards

  • Quick searching

  • Performing and saving queries

  • Creating and saving customized views

  • Printing

After you enter information into Sugar, you need a way to find it again. Sometimes, you'll want a 360-degree view of all your information. You can accomplish this easily by making use of the Home page and dashboards. Other times, you'll want to hone in on a single record. Or, you might want immediate access to a group of records based on very specific criteria. Knowing how to search in Sugar will provide you with the power you need to find the information you need. And, once you find the data, you might even want to print it for posterity.

There's No Place Like Home

The Home module is the first thing you see when you log in to Sugar. The Home page consists of dashlets — individual components that summarize your various activities. A dashlet displays a list of item records that is similar to the List view displayed on a module's Home page. You can remove the dashlets that you don't use and add other dashlets that are better suited to your needs.

By default, the Home page displays the following dashlets:

  • My Calls: Lists all the phone calls you're scheduled to make, regardless of time period.

  • My Meetings: Lists all your meetings.

  • My Leads: Shows your recently added Leads records.

  • My Top Open Opportunities: Lists your top open Opportunities records.

  • My Accounts: Displays the Accounts records that ...

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