Apply Your Knowledge

Review Questions

1:For what purpose are the Object and Class classes used?
2:What are wrapped classes?
3:What is the difference between the String and StringBuffer classes?
4:Why are the methods of the Math class static?
5:Which class is extended by all other classes?
6:Which class should you use to obtain design information about an object?
7:What is the purpose of the Runtime class?
8:What is the purpose of the System class?
9:Which Math method is used to calculate the absolute value of a number?
10:What are E and PI?

Exam Questions

1:Which of the following is true?
  1. The Class class is the superclass of the Object class.

  2. The Object class is final.

  3. The Class class can be used to load other classes.

  4. The ClassLoader class can be used to ...

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