Apply Your Knowledge

Review Questions

1:Which Swing class is the superclass of all Swing components?
2:Why are all Swing components also containers?
3:How are components added to a JFrame?
4:How do Swing menus differ from AWT menus?
5:What is pluggable look and feel?

Exam Questions


Note that some of the questions in the Exam Questions section require knowledge that runs beyond that covered in this chapter and specified by the Sun objectives. References to the information are included in the “Answers to Exam Questions”section as URLs.

1:Which companies collaborated to create Swing?
  1. Sun

  2. IBM

  3. Netscape

  4. Microsoft

2:What is pluggable look and feel?
  1. The capability to dynamically change the look and feel of a program

  2. The capability to use plug-and-play

  3. The ...

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