The TNF Kernel Trace Probes

I described how to use TNF to collect a disk trace in “The Solaris 2.5 Trace Capability” on page 188. Here, for convenience, I list all the available kernel probes via a cut-down copy of the Solaris 2.5.1 tnf_probes(4) manual page; the manual page was renamed tnf_kernel_probes(4) in Solaris 2.6.


tnf_probes – TNF kernel probes


The set of probes (trace instrumentation points) available in the standard kernel. The probes log trace data to a kernel trace buffer in Trace Normal Form (TNF). Kernel probes are controlled by prex(1). A snapshot of the kernel trace buffer can be made using tnfxtract(1) and examined using tnfdump(1).

Each probe has a name and is associated with a set of symbolic keys, or ...

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