Chapter 1. The Java Web Component Developer for J2EE Platform Exam


There are no formal Sun exam objectives covered in this chapter. This chapter just introduces you to the Web Component Developer exam.


  • Introduction

  • Certification Benefits

  • Certification Roadmap

  • Exam Information

  • What the Exam Covers

    • Section 1—The Servlet Model

    • Section 2—The Structure and Deployment of Modern Servlet Web Applications

    • Section 3—The Servlet Container Model

    • Section 4—Designing and Developing Servlets to Handle Server-side Exceptions

    • Section 5—Designing and Developing Servlets Using Session Management

    • Section 6—Designing and Developing Secure Web Applications

    • Section 7—Designing and Developing Thread-safe Servlets

    • Section 8—The JavaServer Pages (JSP) Technology Model ...

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