Shared CCD Setup

A shared CCD must be used only with a configuration that uses VxVM or CVM as the volume manager. The disk group can be created by entering the following command onto one node (after the appropriate disks have been initialized):

# /usr/sbin/vxdg init sc_dg sc_dg01=disk1 sc_dg02=disk2

In this example, disk1 and disk2 are the instance numbers of two disks that use different controllers, for example, c1t3d0 and c2t3d0.

After this command has executed, stop both cluster nodes using the scadmin stopnode command. Enter the following command onto both nodes:

# scconf
					clustername -S ccdvol

To configure the shared CCD volume, enter the following command onto any node (but only a single node):

# confccdssa

The following ...

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