Chapter 15Conclusions

Claudio Feser, Daniella Laureiro-Martinez, Karolin Frankenberger, and Stefano Brusoni

This book has summarized advances in management, psychology, and neuroscience in relation to making decisions in dynamic and uncertain situations. And, given that knowledge, it proposes a model for effectively making difficult, high-stakes decision in practice.

The Decision Navigator is a six-steps model of making decisions under uncertainty: identifying the Dilemma (the “either-or” solutions of a problem), widening the Option space, identifying exploit-explore assumptions under which the options are valid, validating the assumptions with facts (Testing), Optimizing the options, and Resolution. The Decision Navigator creates a path for identifying and thinking through multiple options for decision-making, it unearths unconscious assumptions, and it enables fact-based, and optimized decisions.

Applying the model requires you to pause, take time, and put in effort. But the investment of time and attention in mastering the Decision Navigator model is well worth it. Think of the time and energy it takes to undo a wrong decision, if that is even possible.

The book also describes an approach to managing tensions created by decisions under uncertainty in organizations. The approach – which goes beyond traditional strategy implementation and change management models – is built on strengthening top teams, separating distinct activities, and engaging the members of your organization. ...

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