3. Beauty Hacks: Becoming Barbie, a Lizard, or Whatever You Want to Be

You are ugly. How do we know? Because you say so. Or at least you think thoughts like that. You might not use the word ugly in your head. It might be something such as: I’m fat, or saggy, or tired, old, wrinkly, or ... I’m young and cute, but there’s that thing about my ... well, you get the idea.

Most people say harsh things about their own looks to themselves every day, even if it’s only internally.

Look in a full-length mirror. Chances are your eyes fall on one or more particular flaws you dislike (or, in some cases, hate) about yourself. And your critical gaze lingers there as you think through what you can do to fix, hide, or change it somehow.

If you are female, studies ...

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