Chapter 29. Why Can't You Just Read My Mind?


I adjust my approach with difficult work and time styles; I work well with all different personalities.


Why should I have to explain myself to anyone? I know what I mean. Can't they understand plain English?

In a perfect world, everyone in your work environment would raise the energy of the whole room. Everyone would be sunny and encouraging, and there would be no gossip or office politics or rude people. I'm sure your workplace is just like that. Am I right? No?

Perhaps your office is more like this Peanuts comic strip: Lucy shouts at Linus, "You blockhead!" Linus shouts back, "What did you call me? A dumbbell?" Lucy then says, "No, I didn't say dumbbell. I said blockhead." Linus smiles and walks away saying more to himself than to Lucy, "Oh, I thought you said 'dumbbell."'

Then Lucy props her chin in her hands, psychologist style, and says, "That's what causes so much trouble between people today. There's no real communication!"

I'm Okay, You're Okay?

If you don't have any trouble dealing with anyone in your office, or if you're never bothered by the personality quirks of a coworker or boss, then you're either the sole proprietor of a home office—or aliens have replaced all the humans in your workplace with robots.

The main thing here is to realize other people probably aren't going to change. You might be able to tactfully and constructively point out a particular disruptive behavior, ...

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