Chapter 7

Ideas and Solutions Out of Thin Air

There is no such thing as a money problem; there is only a lack of ideas.

If you want to earn more money, then come up with more ideas. If money can fix it, it's not a problem. There's no shortage of money in the world; you just have to find a way to be more innovative to add the value that creates the exchange of currency. I realize that these concepts may seem very foreign to you, and that some people may even be a bit angry about my perspective. So before youre inclined to send an e-mail or letter trying to prove me wrong and explaining to me all the reasons that the economy, your education, your family, your environment, or your circumstances have kept you back, I'd like you to consider the following true story, which may help you to approach this section of the book with an open mind.

Many years ago, early on in my career, I came home from working on one of my business ventures. I was frustrated from lack of cash flow, and my business wasn't growing as fast as I thought it should be growing. The woman I was dating at the time got tired of me complaining about my problems and said, “You don't have any problems, so why don't you focus on the solutions.” Now we'd only been dating for a couple weeks, and I knew she was a nurse but I never been to her workplace. Later that evening, we went on a little journey. She took me to the hospital where she worked. I was thinking, “Yes, I know, there are people who have real problems, and I'm ...

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