Chapter 17


So you've got a massive momentum action plan in place, and you're moving things forward to achieve your goals. How are you going to know your plan is working? Unfortunately, society has conditioned many of us to want instant gratification, and while success can come quickly, it rarely happens overnight! Anyone who achieves success has probably spent many years developing the necessary skills and opportunities to reach their goals. The people I admire most were all big failures before they became successes. They failed many times, learned from their mistakes, and picked themselves up and started again, with more experience and insight. Check it out: What do Henry Ford, Walt Disney, and George Foreman have in common? They all went bankrupt before they hit their stride in business!

When you were a child and wanted to learn how to ride a bike, did you roll smoothly down the street the first time you tried? Probably not. You may have started with a tricycle and worked your way up to a real bike with training wheels; then your folks took the training wheels off, and you had to learn a few new skills to be able to balance your bike and ride it really well. Did this process take minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months? Your parents were able to gauge when you were ready for the next step and helped you progress in the skill of riding your bicycle.

To achieve the goals you've set out to accomplish with your massive momentum action plan, you've got to also establish some ...

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