Supplement to Inside the Microsoft® Build Engine: Using MSBuild and Team Foundation Build

Book description

Get the supplement that helps you drill even further into MSBuild—and maximize your control over the software build and deployment process. Designed as a companion to the popular book Inside the Microsoft Build Engine: Using MSBuild and Team Foundation Build, Second Edition, this supplement extends your knowledge by covering what’s new in Visual Studio 2012 for MSBuild and Team Foundation Build. You’ll also gain a fresh cookbook of examples to help you get productive with UI changes, batching, Team Foundation Server, offline apps, database publishing, and other essential topics.

  • Extends your knowledge of MSBuild with all-new coverage of Visual Studio 2012

  • Shares additional hands-on insights and guidance from two expert authors

  • Provides a cookbook of examples to study and reuse

  • Table of contents

    1. Dedication
    2. Foreword
    3. Introduction
      1. Who should read this book
        1. Assumptions
      2. Who should not read this book
      3. Organization of this book
      4. Conventions and features in this book
      5. System requirements
      6. Code samples
        1. Installing the code samples
        2. Using the code samples
      7. Acknowledgments
        1. Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi
        2. William Bartholomew
      8. Errata & book support
      9. We want to hear from you
      10. Stay in touch
    4. 1. What’s new in MSBuild 4.5
      1. Visual Studio project compatibility between 2010 and 2012
        1. VisualStudioVersion property
      2. Out-of-process tasks
        1. UsingTask updates
        2. Phantom task parameters
      3. NuGet
        1. Managing NuGet packages
          1. Package Manager Console
        2. Package Restore
      4. XML updates with SlowCheetah
        1. SlowCheetah build server support
      5. Cookbook
        1. How to extend the solution build
        2. How to execute a target only if the project is actually built
        3. How to extend the build process without modifying the project you are building (target injection)
    5. 2. What’s new in Team Foundation Build 2012
      1. Installation
        1. System requirements
        2. Unattended installation
      2. Team Foundation Service
      3. User interface (UI) enhancements
        1. Team Explorer
        2. My Builds
          1. All Build Definitions
          2. Favorites
          3. Extensibility
        3. Queue details
        4. Web Access
      4. Visual Studio Test Runner
      5. Pausing build definitions
      6. Batching
      7. Logging
        1. Diagnostic logging
        2. Operational and Analytic logs
      8. Windows Workflow Foundation 4.5
        1. Workflow Designer
          1. Quick Find and Find In Files
          2. Outline view
          3. Auto-Surround with Sequence
          4. Annotations
        2. Workflow Runtime
          1. C# Expressions
      9. Team Foundation Build 2012 cookbook
        1. Unattended installation and configuration
        2. Connect on-premise build machines to the Team Foundation Service
        3. Extending Team Explorer
    6. 3. What’s new in web publishing
      1. Overview of the new Publish Web dialog box
      2. Building web packages
      3. Publish profiles
        1. Automating web publishing using a publish profile
        2. Automating web packaging using a publish profile
        3. Relationship between publish profiles and .wpp.targets
      4. Database publishing support
        1. EF Code First migrations
        2. Incremental database publishing with DACPACs
      5. Profile-specific Web.config transforms
      6. Cookbook
        1. How to publish a package to multiple destinations
        2. Customizing the folder structure inside the package
        3. How to publish a folder with Web Deploy
    7. A. About the authors
    8. Index
    9. About the Authors
    10. Copyright

    Product information

    • Title: Supplement to Inside the Microsoft® Build Engine: Using MSBuild and Team Foundation Build
    • Author(s): Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi and William Bartholomew
    • Release date: April 2013
    • Publisher(s): Microsoft Press
    • ISBN: 9780735678156