Chapter 8

Building Support for Supplier Diversity Programs


Bullet Understanding the variety of stakeholders for supplier diversity

Bullet Knowing where to look for organizational allies

Bullet Conducting in-reach efforts

Bullet Getting collaborators to help you help them (help you)

You’ve probably heard the old adage “It takes a village.” This sentiment certainly applies to supplier diversity. Supplier diversity isn’t an island or stand-alone departmental function. Achieving diversity in your supply chain requires effort from you and your colleagues in other departments, and for businesses in the community to know what opportunities are available to them. In this chapter, I discuss how to find and connect with the right resources that help build support for supplier diversity within your organization.

Seeing How Supplier Diversity Touches Many Stakeholders

Ideally, successful organizations should have a well-rounded and holistic strategy for supplier diversity. Internally, it should be an operational mindset and be applied to as many business areas as possible. Integrating it into organizational ...

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