Appendix . Partial List of SCOR Model Leading Practices, Sorted by Business Area

Business Planning

  • Activity-based accounting

  • Advanced planning optimization

  • Asset optimization

  • Attribute-based process planning

  • Collaborative planning, forecast, and replenishment

  • Constraint-based planning

  • Demand-driven production

  • Make/buy decision process

  • Multiplant supply synchronization

  • Operations and network analysis

  • Sales and operations planning

  • Service/inventory balancing

  • Strategic sourcing

Customer Service

  • Automated order validation

  • Automatic documentation generation

  • Available-to-promise

  • Cost-to-serve price structure

  • Customer data validation

  • Customer profitability review

  • Customer relationship management

  • Customer service measurement

  • Customer team empowerment

  • Delinquent account resolution ...

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