Add-ons, 111–113

Advanced planning systems (APS), 7–8

modules, 36–37

standalone, 42

in Swedish seed distribution, 37–39

Alternative software sources, 48

Application service providers, 44

APS. See Advanced planning systems

Automated business process, 60–61

Best-of-breed approach, 27–28, 44

Bill of materials (BOM)

definition, 28

for roadsters, 31

for sedans, 30

for SUVs, 32

top-level quantities required, 33

for towncars, 31

BOM. See Bill of materials

BPR. See Business process reengineering

Business process reengineering (BPR)

automated business process, 60–61

best practices, 61–62

clean-slate reengineering, 62

description, 57–58

infrastructure processes, 58

manual buisness process, 59–60

operational processes, 58–59

supply chain

customer ...

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