Chapter 19

Selecting a Supply Chain Career


check Researching supply chain jobs

check Understanding government job categories

check Exploring career options

Supply chain management can be an extremely rewarding career. Supply chain professionals can work in virtually any sector of the economy; they can be located almost anywhere; and they often collaborate with colleagues, customers, and suppliers all around the world. There are jobs for supply chain professionals to sit at a desk, to work in a factory, and to travel and live on the road. This chapter gives you an overview of jobs in the supply chain so that you can decide on a career path that makes sense for you.

Doing Your Homework

People are the most important part of any supply chain. Lots of jobs contribute to the smooth flow of money, material, and information, and any of these jobs — or a combination of them — can become a career. Finding the right job involves being honest with yourself about what you like and what you’re good at, as well as gathering objective information about what jobs are available.

Unfortunately, figuring out how to get started with a career in supply chain management can be hard. Even people who already have ...

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