250 Supporting On Demand Business Applications with the IBM Problem Determination Tools
12.1.6 I08 - IMS DL/I WAIT Time by PSB
I08 identifies any delays caused by wait conditions in IMS regions. This report shows wait
time by IMS PSB and is meaningful when measuring a region in which multiple IMS PSBs are
scheduled. Only wait time observed when an IMS PSB is active is reported. Wait time is
identified both within the processing of DL/I calls and outside of DL/I call processing.
Each report line quantifies wait time as a percentage of the overall time during which IMS
PSBs were active, as shown in Figure 12-16.
Figure 12-16 I08: IMS WAIT Time by PSB (expanded)
Note: Any time when no IMS programs were active is excluded. This ensures that
quantifications are not distorted by inactive intervals such as those that occur between
scheduled transactions.
Chapter 12. Application Performance Analyzer: analyzing a job with subsystem 251
Because source program mapping data is available, by entering the P line command on any
line where csect + offset is displayed, Application Performance Analyzer displays the source
code for the statement, as shown in Figure 12-17, for DLI call number 00001.
Figure 12-17 P01: Source Program Attribution (from I08)
It is also possible (by entering the + line command on any DDname) to show additional details
(the same information as D04: Dataset Attributes for non-VSAM file or D06: DASD VSAM
Statistics for VSAM file), as shown in Figure 12-18, for DR2F.
Figure 12-18 Additional details (D06) for VSAM file from I09

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