438 Supporting On Demand Business Applications with the IBM Problem Determination Tools
15.1 Common considerations for all languages
The UNIX System Services shell enforces re-entrancy, so non-reentrant programs should not
be run under the USS shell.
The default single screen debugging cannot be used when debugging USS applications. The
VTAM interface or the remote debugger interface must be used.
15.1.1 Specifying the TEST runtime option
Under UNIX System Services, the LE runtime options are specified using the
_CEE_RUNOPTS environment variable. This variable can be set using an export command
in the shell, for example:
export _CEE_RUNOPTS='TEST(,,,TCPIP&*)'
This runtime option will now apply to every job that runs until you unset the environment
variable using the command:
Be very careful about what you run in the shell when the TEST runtime option is specified in
_CEE_RUNOPTS. Commands such as tar, c89, and make can cause the tar, c89, and make
utilities to appear in the remote debugger screen (in an assembler view since no debug
information is available). To check what Language Environment runtime options you currently
have set, you can use the command:
Other methods of specifying runtime options
CEEUOPTS and the C #pragma runopts directive can also be used under the shell to invoke
the debugger. However, the _CEE_RUNOPTS environment variable tends to be the preferred
method because TCP/IP addresses and VTAM terminal LU IDs can change, and the
environment variable allows the person debugging the program to change his TEST runtime
option without having to recompile or relink their program.
15.1.2 Special considerations for running DLL applications from the shell
When running a USS module and looking for DLLs to load, the loader looks in the path
specified by the LIBPATH environment variable. This should be set to point to your DLLs prior
to running your DLL application.
Note: When running under USS, the test option can always be specified in
_CEE_RUNOPTS regardless of the language used to compile the program entry point. No
slashes (/) are required.

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