Chapter 2. Overview of the Problem Determination and Deployment Tools 27
2.5.2 Maximize flexibility with the File Manager base component
The File Manager base component helps speed the application-development process by
identifying the structure of your records and displaying each field according to its data type.
This component supports QSAM, VSAM, PDS, HFS, and indexed access method (IAM) data
sets, including support for double-byte character set (DBCS) data in these data sets. You can
edit entire files (regardless of size) and sort data during an edit or browse session. You can
use the separately available IBM CICS VSAM Copy tool in conjunction with File Manager
capabilities to produce ad hoc copies of VSAM data sets for testing purposes without
affecting CICS activity.
Using templates, you can select the records you want based on field values, find and change
data in individual fields, display fields with headings showing name, data type, and length —
and then print or copy only the fields you must have. You can quickly and easily work with
files containing multiple record structures and copy data between fields of different data types
and lengths.
In the base component, you can generate templates from a copybook that contains either
COBOL data-description entries or PL/I DECLARE statements, or you can define your own
fields in a dynamic template. You can then add record-selection criteria and other formatting
information, and save the templates for reuse with different data sets that have the same
record structure, or for reuse with different File Manager utilities. For example, while browsing
through data sets, you can create, refine, and save a template that displays records meeting
certain criteria, such as records with particular field values. Later, you can reuse that template
in the File Manager copy utility to extract the records that meet those criteria and copy them
to another data set.
The base component processes most record identification and selection criteria internally,
while providing fast access to Restructured Extended Executor (REXX) for complex criteria
statements. The copy and print utilities use the IBM DFSORT™ utility for supported data sets
Important: IBM File Manager for z/OS Version 6.1 software at a glance:
򐂰 Hardware requirements
zSeries system
Any hardware that runs IBM z/OS Version 1.4 software or later
򐂰 Software requirements
z/OS Version 1.4 or later
򐂰 Additional requirements (one of the following)
IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS and OS/390 Version 3.3
IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS and OS/390 Version 3.2
IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS and OS/390 Version 3.1
򐂰 For DB2 component (one of the following)
IBM DB2 Universal Database for z/OS Version 8
IBM DB2 Universal Database for OS/390 and z/OS Version 7
IBM DB2 Universal Database for OS/390 Version 6
򐂰 For IMS component (one of the following)
–IMS Version 9
–IMS Version 8
–IMS Version 7

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