Chapter 16. Debug Tool and subsystems 497
We now issue the SUBmit (PF10) command, as shown in Figure 16-44.
Figure 16-44 Newly created setup file
Figure 16-45 shows the JCL, ready for submission, that will create the new setup file for our
private message region.
Figure 16-45 JCL to create a new setup file
16.3.3 Precedence of the information about the LE Runtime Options panel
When using the DTU Language Environment (LE) runtime options support, two obvious
questions arise.
498 Supporting On Demand Business Applications with the IBM Problem Determination Tools
If my program matches more than one profile, which one will be used
The first match located is used. The list is searched in the order in which profiles are entered.
Editing the entry does not change its position in the order.
Based on this, we recommend that this feature be used as little as possible for specifying
runtime options other than TEST, and that all users on a given IMS plex have an agreed upon
a way of setting up the profiles (perhaps requiring the user ID, or always stating the
transaction). This facility is best used to simply specify the TEST runtime option. It should
only be used to specify other runtime options as a limited time test of the given LE runtime
options efficiency.
Where do these runopts fit in the LE runopt hierarchy
This question concerns which runopts have precedence (panel, ceeuopt, ceeropt, ceedopt).
Language Environment has several ways of specifying the runtime options for a program.
The following list gives them in ascending order of precedence (that is, things lower in the list
can override things higher in the list):
򐂰 CEEDOPT: Language Environment options specified at installation
򐂰 CEEROPT: region-wide CICS or IMS default options
򐂰 CLER under CICS
򐂰 CEEUOPT: also #pragma runopts, or PLIXOPTS
򐂰 Command Line, or _CEE_RUNOPTS
򐂰 Language Environment Storage Tuning User Exit
򐂰 Options defined at installation time that have the non overridable attribute
The usual Language Environment runtime option merging will occur (that is, options or
suboptions from a lower precedence entity will be taken).

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