Chapter 18

If You Think You'll Lose, You're Lost

NOW YOU'VE COME to the moment of truth—when you must ask for the order. So far you've done an outstanding job.

You probed. You asked questions. You listened. You presented a dramatic and urgent opportunity. And you gave testimony to your own use of the product or provided witness to someone else's.

Everything you've done has led to this moment. There's suspense. Plenty. Butterflies? You bet. But that's okay. We all feel it. I still do when I'm ready to ask for the order.

The stress in the room crackles. It's raining stress and strain. The heartbeat quickens.

And your buyer actually feels the same pangs of angst, too. There's plenty of tension between the two of you. The buyer feels it because she's not certain what's coming next and for how much. And she wonders how she will respond. Even if it's not a personal purchase, the corporate buyer also feels the uneasiness.

You feel like one of the brothers in Beau Geste, the classic film about the French Foreign Legion. He touches his brother to see if they're still alive.

And finally you're ready to transform your entire visit into the invitation to buy. The words I use are fairly simple:

“I would like you to consider purchasing our…”

That's how easy it is. Not much magic to all of that. Simply: “I would like you to consider purchasing our…”

Those are the words that work most effectively for me. But find whatever feels best and most comfortable for you. Sing the words to your own song. ...

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