Surface For Dummies, 2nd Edition

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Make Microsoft's Surface work—and play—just the way you want it to

Microsoft's Surface tablet has the features and personality you're looking for, with a robust environment for business computing that doesn't skimp on fun. Surface for Dummies, 2nd Edition explains how Windows 8.1 Pro and Windows RT differ, and helps you decide which Surface model is best for you. Step by step, this book walks you through both the hardware and software features of the Surface, including the touch cover and type cover, Windows RT and Windows 8.1 Pro operating systems, and the coveted Office Home & Student 2013 software suite that's bundled with the Surface. Written by bestselling author Andy Rathbone, this easy-to-access book is filled with information on how to use the tablet, figure out the operating system, navigate the app environment, and take advantage of your exciting new Surface.

The book is your personal guide to one the fastest, sleekest, and most powerful tablets on the market. Surface is designed to be thin, light, and with hours of battery life so you can power through your day with ease. With this handy reference, you'll be able to make quick work of your to-do list and have fun all at the same time!

  • Create: release your inner artist with Fresh Paint, a touch-based art app

  • Share: Multiple accounts offer privacy and security so you can share your Surface, but not your stuff

  • Enjoy: Snap apps side by side to multi-task on the vivid HD screen

  • Discover: New apps in the Windows Store so you can work efficiently and get more done

  • With Surface For Dummies, 2nd Edition you can navigate and enhance your entire Surface experience!

    Table of contents

      1. Introduction
        1. About This Book
        2. How to Use This Book
        3. Foolish Assumptions
        4. Icons Used in This Book
        5. Beyond This Book
        6. Where to Go from Here
      2. Part I: Introductions
        1. Chapter 1: Which Microsoft Surface Do You Need?
          1. Why Buy a Microsoft Surface?
          2. Understanding the Unique Features of a Surface
          3. Deciding between the Microsoft Surface Tablets
            1. Surface 2
            2. Surface Pro 2
          4. Summing Up the Differences between the Versions
          5. Identifying a Surface Model
          6. Understanding Your Surface’s Storage Space
        2. Chapter 2: Getting Started with Your Surface
          1. The Grand Unboxing
          2. Charging the Battery
          3. Figuring Out What’s Included and What’s Missing
          4. Identifying the Parts of Your Surface Tablet
          5. Attaching the Keyboard
          6. Positioning the Surface
          7. Finding Microsoft Website Support for the Surface
        3. Chapter 3: Setting Up Your Surface
          1. Turning On Your Surface for the First Time
          2. Downloading Software Updates
          3. Activating Windows
          4. Setting Up Your Free OneDrive and Skype Accounts
          5. Setting Up User Accounts
          6. Turning Off Your Surface
        4. Chapter 4: Introducing Your Surface’s Start Screen and Controls
          1. Unlocking and Signing In
          2. Managing Windows’ Start Screen
          3. Finding, Opening, Closing, and Switching between Apps
            1. Finding and opening an app
            2. Closing an app
            3. Switching between apps
            4. Installing and uninstalling an app
          4. Understanding the Charms Bar
            1. Search
            2. Share
            3. Start
            4. Devices
            5. Settings
          5. Organizing the Start Screen
          6. Browsing Files from the Start Screen
          7. Using the Start Screen with a Mouse and Keyboard
        5. Chapter 5: Typing, Touching, and Drawing on the Surface
          1. Controlling a Touchscreen with Your Fingers
            1. Tap
            2. Double-tap
            3. Press and hold
            4. Pinch and/or stretch
            5. Rotate
            6. Slide
            7. Swipe
          2. Typing with the Click-On Covers
            1. Typing on the Touch Cover keyboard
            2. Typing on the Type Cover keyboard
            3. Using Surface trackpad gestures
          3. Typing on the Onscreen Keyboard
            1. Summoning the onscreen keyboard
            2. Switching between the different onscreen keyboards
            3. Typing special characters
            4. Typing smileys (emoticons)
            5. Predictive typing
            6. Editing text on a touchscreen
          4. Typing on a Detachable Keyboard
          5. Drawing and Writing with a Stylus
            1. Opening the Handwriting panel
            2. Correcting handwritten mistakes
      3. Part II: Connections
        1. Chapter 6: Connecting to the Internet, Printers, Monitors, Storage, and More
          1. Connecting to the Internet
          2. Connecting to Networked PCs
          3. Connecting to a Printer
          4. Connecting to Portable Accessories
            1. Connecting a mouse or keyboard
            2. Connecting Bluetooth accessories
            3. Connecting a digital camera and importing your photos
            4. Connecting to a scanner
          5. Connecting to a Monitor, an HDTV, or a Digital Projector
            1. Connecting your Surface to a monitor
            2. Sending the display to the attached monitor
            3. Making your monitor recognize your Surface
          6. Adding Portable Storage
            1. Connecting to built-in memory cards
            2. Connecting to portable hard drives
            3. Connecting to flash drives for file transfers
          7. Connecting to the Cloud with OneDrive
            1. Uploading files from your Surface to OneDrive
            2. Making OneDrive files available offline
        2. Chapter 7: All About Apps
          1. Making the Most of Apps
            1. Customizing apps to meet your needs
            2. Organizing your apps
            3. Downloading new apps from the Windows Store
            4. Uninstalling or changing an app
          2. Working with Two Apps on One Screen
          3. Installing Desktop Programs
        3. Chapter 8: Browsing the Web
          1. Opening Internet Explorer
            1. Opening the Start Screen’s Internet Explorer app
            2. Opening the desktop’s Internet Explorer
          2. Opening the Start Screen Browser’s Menus
          3. Navigating a Website with Your Fingers
          4. Visiting Websites
          5. Managing Several Sites in Tabs
          6. Making Sites Available with One Tap
          7. Sharing Sites and Their Information
          8. Downloading Files and Photos
          9. Changing Settings
          10. Sending a Site to the Desktop’s Browser
        4. Chapter 9: Reaching Out with Mail, People, Calendar, and Skype
          1. Adding Your Social Accounts to Windows
          2. Sending and Receiving E-Mail
            1. Switching between the Mail app’s accounts, folders, and e-mail
            2. Composing and sending an e-mail
            3. Reading an e-mail
            4. Sending and receiving files through e-mail
          3. Managing Your Contacts in the People App
            1. Adding contacts to the People app
            2. Deleting or editing contacts
          4. Managing Appointments in Calendar
          5. Talking with Friends through Skype
            1. Setting up Skype for the first time
            2. Adding a friend to Skype
            3. Calling a friend
            4. Calling a landline
      4. Part III: Play
        1. Chapter 10: Photos and Movies
          1. Snapping Photos or Videos
          2. Viewing Photos
          3. Sharing or Printing Photos
          4. Watching Movies
        2. Chapter 11: Listening to Music
          1. Understanding the Music App
          2. Listing to Your Own Music
            1. Adding your own music to the Music app
            2. Playing your music in the Music app
          3. Listening to the Radio
          4. Exploring and Buying Music
      5. Part IV: Work
        1. Chapter 12: Visiting the Windows Desktop
          1. Making the Desktop Finger-Friendly
          2. Mastering Basic Window Mechanics
          3. Managing Files and Folders by Touch with File Explorer
            1. Selecting files and folders with a fingertip
            2. Copying or moving files and folders
          4. Launching Desktop Programs
          5. Snapping an App Alongside Another App
        2. Chapter 13: Working in Microsoft Office 2013
          1. Opening, Saving, and Printing in Office 2013 RT
            1. Opening a document
            2. Starting from a template
            3. Saving your work
            4. Printing your document
          2. Taking Notes with OneNote
          3. Adding E-Mail Accounts to Outlook
        3. Chapter 14: Changing Settings
          1. Tweaking an App’s Settings
          2. Customizing Your Surface through PC Settings
            1. PCs and Devices
            2. Accounts
            3. OneDrive
            4. Search and Apps
            5. Privacy
            6. Network
            7. Time and Language
            8. Ease of Access
            9. Update and Recovery
        4. Chapter 15: Troubleshooting and Repair
          1. Checking for New or Missed Updates
          2. It Won’t Turn On!
          3. It Won’t Turn Off!
          4. Fixing Problem Apps
          5. Backing Up Your Surface
          6. Refreshing Your Surface
          7. Resetting Your Surface
          8. Servicing Your Surface through Microsoft
      6. Part V: The Part of Tens
        1. Chapter 16: Ten Essential Tips ’n’ Tricks
          1. When Lost, Swipe in from the Screen’s Left Edge
          2. Search for Items by Typing Directly on the Start Screen
          3. Select Onscreen Items within Apps
          4. Take Screenshots
          5. Stop the Screen from Rotating
          6. Tweak Your App’s Settings
          7. Make a Recovery Drive
          8. Find a Lost Start Screen App
          9. Increase Your Surface’s Storage Space
          10. Add Your Contact Information to Your Surface
        2. Chapter 17: Ten Handy Accessories
          1. Power Adapter
          2. Touch or Type Cover Keyboard
          3. Memory Card
          4. Portable Mouse
          5. Portable USB Hub
          6. Case
          7. Flash Drive
          8. Portable HDMI Cable
          9. USB-to-Ethernet Adapter
          10. Portable Hard Drive
          11. Portable Car Charger
      7. About the Author
      8. Cheat Sheet
      9. More Dummies Products

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    • Title: Surface For Dummies, 2nd Edition
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    • Release date: April 2014
    • Publisher(s): For Dummies
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